Pregnancy Progression Series

Pregnancy is the most amazing time in a woman's life. You are creating a new life! Maternity and our Pregnancy Progression Series document, in detail, the changes your body is making in order to achieve the greatest gift of all, the gift of life! You are nurturing a new life and only a woman can do this. Your body is going through amazing changes and you are bonding with that child you are carrying. Our Pregnancy Progression Series and our Maternity Photography records all of those changes! In our Pregnancy Progression Series, you come in every month. Yes, that is nine months' worth of growth. You are photographed in the same outfit, so you can see the changes from month to month. Each session lasts about five minutes.

The last session in our series is more of an extended series. This session includes you and your baby. It can include you, your baby and your significant other and other children. We not only photograph you and your baby, but we will also photograph your new baby by him- or herself, with other siblings, grandparents if you wish, with your significant other, or other people who are important in your life. This session can take up to two hours, but depends on the baby. When the baby is done, we are done.

Maternity Photography

Most women select either the eighth or ninth month of their pregnancy to be photographed. This is when your tummy is the most "blossomed." We do a series of photographs, depending on your comfort zone, which will determine the looks you receive. We can include your significant other and your children in this event. The images designed are totally within your wishes. We strongly suggest a pre-consultation to determine the look you want. Please remember, bring in your ideas! We want to create the portraits you want. Not what we think you want.

Glamour Photography

This style of photography is not your ordinary glamour photos. We have the expertise to create Hollywood classics. The black and white looks from the 1950's. You've seen them - Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelley, Jean Simmons, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn just to name a few. We have the means to create a hair style and your makeup, specifically designed for this look.

Boudoir Photography

This style of photography is designed for the woman who wants something special for the love of her life. Artistically designed to make the most of your comfort level, we create sets just for you. We suggest having your hair styled, while we help you with your makeup and clothing choices. Photographic makeup is applied for a more dramatic look on all of our glamour and "Hollywood Classic" photos, and is heavier than normal.

All Glamour and Boudoir photography sets are created personally by Kris, who is a woman.