Business & Marketing Photography

Fond du Lac Business Photography

Studio One Designer Photography is Fond du Lac's leader in business photography. Whether your business is looking for individual portraits for yourself or your employees, or you're embarking on a new marketing campaign and need professional grade photographs of your products and services, Studio One can help achieve a successful look through professional photographs. The images can be used in marketing brochures, on websites, for social media, billboards and much, much more.

Business Portraits

Business head shots for your social media profile, website or business card is the mark of a professional. A portrait of yourself or an employee give your clients the opportunity to meet you before you actually do. It sets a precedent, giving you an edge. You have to look your best! While sometimes it's fine for you to take quick shots against a white wall, these are not professional looking. Your session with Studio One and your selected image make a statement of who you are, where you are going, and give you a look of confidence and appeal. The final image you select is retouched, which removes or softens those lines under the eyes, removes blemishes, evenly tones your complexion, removes or softens lines or blemishes on your neck (from maybe a "too close of a shave") and fixes a stray hair or two. A head shot complements your marketing efforts. People like to know who they are dealing with. Studio One has the solution for all of your marketing photographic needs.

Marketing Photography

Photographs of your business vehicles, buildings, products and services are important for any business seeking to be recognized as truly professional. As simple as it may seem taking your own photographs, it's actually more difficult than you could ever expect. Everything from correct lighting to lenses and backgrounds play an important role in creating a photograph that your business can utilize for many years. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Business Cards

Studio One can create business cards that are totally unique - not like every other business card you have received. When you give someone your new card from Studio One, they will not want to throw this one away!